Introduction of H. I. D. Conversion Kit
  Various Types of H. I. D. Conversion Kit
  H. I. D. Conversion Kit Efficiency Comparison
  The Contents of H. I. D. Conversion Kit






  HID(High Intensity Discharge) Conversion Kit is minuteness electric discharge bulb that various gases are inserted. It doesn¡¯t have filament and it is high technical product that needs fast ignition equipment and ballast to operate it.


       More Light Output



  A 35 watt HID lamp produces up to 3 times the lumens at the light source when compared to a conventional standard 55 watt Halogen lamp.





 Normal Halogen(3200k)


OCEAN HID(6000~10000k)


       A Variety of HID Light Color Look



   Besides Clear White look of HID bulbs, now a variety of HID light color version available -
Purple (4,700K) / Yellow White (5,000K) / Super White (6,000K) / Blue (8,000K) / Deep Blue (10,000K)


       Whiter Light and Greater Driver Comfort



   Good visibility contributes to driver confidence which promotes relaxed, safer driving. Drivers can benefit from fitting OCEAN HID Conversion Kits in their vehicles, since the white light stimulates driver concentration and makes night driving less tiring. In addition, the HID system also delivers a marked contribution to road safety in the event of limited visibility due to weather conditions. This is a must for safer driving.


      Lower Power Consumption



   A 55 watt Halogen lamp draws a constant 10 Amps, while an HID lamp in steady state draws in 4 Amps (60% less power). As a result of lower power consumption, less heat is dissipated by the HID lighting systems and more power from the engine.


       Longer Service Life



   An HID lamp will last four to five times as long as a halogen lamp. We guarantee at least 2,000 Hrs. For most people, this translates into the life of the vehicle and probably the life of the next vehicle as well.

The HID conversion kit is covered by a 1-year limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship under normal use and conditions. The warranty is void if the cause of damage or failure is due to abuse, neglect, improper installation, use other than the intended application, accidents, natural disasters, or acts of God.

HID bulbs are cover by a 30 day warranty. All bulbs are tested and burned in by the manufacturer prior to delivery. Burst/Exploded HID bulbs are not covered by warranty.








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