Strong points of our products



Up-grade next generation car lighting
  Inserted xenon gas and high air pressure into bulb and introduce next generation technology for car lighting.



Longer life
  The "Halogen Cycle" guarantees extremely long lamp life.



Comfort and safety
  All weather bulb makes a driver to see objects clearly in bad weather conditions like fog, snow and rain.



High efficiency
  The "Halogen Cycle" prevents blackening of the bulb wall and minimizes evaporation of tungsten filament. Tungsten halogen lamp supplies a highly luminous output per watt.



Stable color temperature
  Thanks to the "Halogen Cycle", light intensity and color temperature remain stable throughout the life of the lamp.



Heat impact resistence
  Quartz halogen lamps are much more resistant to heat impact than ordinary incandescent lamps.
A lit halogen lamp will not break even if it should come into contact with cold water.



  Features such as compact, light weight, high efficiency, long life, etc. make for less maintenance needed and reduce relative expenses.





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