Understanding Halogen Bulbs



  Halogen bulb means incandescencent bulbs into which insered halogen gas.
Incandescent bulb heats up itself by heating unit and use light caused by itself. Incandescent bulb usually use tungsten filament which is characteristic of high melting point(3,400 degree).
When the bulb light up, tungsten filament is evaporated and it cause black status due to sticking itself on tungsten tube.
It cause to decrease 20% of light output and make tungsten filament slender and blow out in the end. Halogen makes it not to evaporate tungsten and stable light and make it longer average life of halogen lamp.



Evaporated tungsten(zone 1) from filament become halogen chemical compound after combine(zone2) with halogen gas. Tungsten chemical compound keeps 250 ~ 1,400 degree(zone3).
It should keep not less than 250 degree not to be black.





     Halogen Cycle



 When the filament is heated in a glow, tungsten in it is evaporated and stuck to the inner bulb wall. And this tungsten stuck to the wall results in the blackening phenomenon and gets the filament evaporation. But halogen bulb having evaporated tungsten combines with the molecule of halogen gas in the bulb wall in the ratio of 1 to 2 and forms halogen tungsten. So, the filament wears slowly and the blackening phenomenon doesn't appear on the inner bulb wall. The gas near the heated moves fast. So, on the one hand, halogen gas combines with tungsten, on the other hand, halogenized tungsten transported by the convection with in the bulb gets separated and comes into the filament and gets combined again. This series of combination and separation is so called the halogen cycle. We can prevent tungsten of filament from sticking to the inner bulb wall by the halogen cycle.




      The Characteristics of Halogen Bulbs



1. Stable Color Temperature
    Thanks to the halogen cycle, light inteensity and color temperature remain stable through the life of the lamp.

2. Longer Life
    The halogen cycle makes it long lamp life.

3. Compact Size
4. Heat Impact Resistence
    Quartz halogen lamps are much more resistant to heat impact than ordinary incandescent lamps.
    A lit halogen lamp will not break even if it should come into contact with cold water.








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